Captain Bible MIDIs

Eve Engelbrite composed the music for Captain Bible. You can’t get any soundtrack files out of the game, but her personal website has hosted two original MIDIs for a number of years: the main theme (THEME.MID) and the Unibot theme (ROBOT.MID).

Check them out here:



Obviously how they sound will depend on the MIDI synthesizer you’re running, as illustrated in this interesting comparison by The Rec Room Plays.

Captain Bible Building and Victim Descriptions

Using a hex editor on CB.EXE reveals some strings describing the various buildings and victims. These don’t appear in-game, but it’s the closest I imagine we have to official names. A - Round Tubes with Fireballs - Relative Moralist B - Huge Dark Blue - Fearful C - The First Building - Cultist D - Purple Lights - Legalist E - Wall with Platforms - Greedy F - Green and Purple - Drug Abuser G - Caves - New Ager R - In the Unibot I’m kind of surprised at “Green and Purple”. [Read More]

Captain Bible

Of the Christian video games of the 1990s, Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness stands out as the decade’s most derided. Admittedly, the game’s unapologetic theology and style – not to mention DOSBox compatibility – make it a ripe target for satire. A closer analysis, however, identifies Captain Bible as a successful synthesis of the ludic (in Huizinga’s sense) and didactic principles necessitated by the video game form and its Evangelical heritage. [Read More]