DOSBox Saints of Virtue

Saints of Virtue was intended to be run on Windows-based systems. If you click the EXE, it’ll try to run wvrun.exe under the covers, which is a Windows binary. On modern x64 Windows 10 machines, this isn’t going to work for a variety of reasons. However, you aren’t stuck running a virtual machine or building a retro PC if you want to play Saints. Besides, with those approaches you can’t remap controls and you’ll struggle with bugs introduced by playing with uncapped framerates. [Read More]

Unpacking Saints of Virtue

For better or worse, I’m probably one of the handful of people out there who takes any interest in Saints of Virtue. But hey, sometimes things just strike a chord. No need to repeat any of it – if by some miracle you’re interested in this, then you don’t need much background. This blog post is a short tutorial on how to open up the game’s .WRS files and get at all of the assets – graphics, music, code, sound effects, you name it. [Read More]

480p Orta / GunValkyrie on Xbox 1.6

If you’re into the original Xbox, then you probably know that Microsoft released several different hardware revisions over the console’s lifespan. These revisions were released under the covers, with no outside differences between, say, a 1.2 console and a 1.6 console. But the variations are meaningful, impacting both longevity and reliability. CRTGAMER over at Racketboy wrote up a pretty thorough rundown of the various revisions. If you want to know more, that’s your introductory course. [Read More]
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Modern Streets of SimCity

2021 update: I highly recommend you try Streets of SimCity X. The following instructions are not the best option these days. Okay, well, any fan of the game knows that ‘running’ is a relative term. The game was always prone to crashing, even back in the day on 32-bit Windows 95 and XP operating systems. But if you’re reading this then you probably know that some hot Streets action is worth a few “unrecoverable errors”, as the familiar in-game popup goes. [Read More]