Saints of Virtue Beta Testing

In January of 1999, David Slayback solicited alt.religion.christian-teen for beta testers. You can see the thread here.

We are looking for beta testers for an upcoming Christian-oriented computer game called Saints of Virtue. The game is a 3-D action shooter similar to Doom or Quake in play but without the blood and gore. We need a limited number of beta testers to help test the game over the next few weeks. The game runs on an IBM PC compatible. We want to know how well the game runs and get feedback on the gameplay.

We can’t know who emailed Dave back, but the responses in the group were not friendly.

How about a bizarre non-sequitur?

Oh boy, that’s just great. It’s the Crusades all over again…

Or some incredulous spite:

Does this make no sense to anybody besides me? A 3-D action shooter, similar to Doom or Quake, without blood and gore, in a Christian manner? So what, do you shoot Bible verses and angry and eventually drive away droves of non-Christians?

Fantasies about a charismatic version:

How about writing a cool, new game using the Doom VR Engine where you play Benny Hinn and run around with a Bible through a stadium laying hands on all of the people who you come in contact with and slaying them in the Spirit by blasting them with the anointing…. you could encounter all sorts of people Christian and not… you could cast demons out of them… in the background you would hear Benny speaking in load, commanding, warring and diverse tongues… He could also find Spirit weapons like a Holy Spirit machine gun and use it to shoot the Hank Hannegraff’s (Christian Research Institute and Bible Answer Man; HTTP://WWW.EQUIP.ORG) and other conservative, evangelicals that he might encounter in the stadium…

Or New Atheist talking points:

Comparing religion to science is like comparing a molehill to a mountain!

Are we sure this isn’t alt.religion.ex-christian-teens? These are the knee-jerk responses of kids raised in Christian families who have found a sense of maturity in atheism and enjoy attacking their parents' religion as immature.

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