Saints of Virtue Unofficial Patch: SaintsX

The 1.0.0 version of SaintsX has been released. Check out the website and download the patch here.

From the site:

SaintsX is a fan patch and alternate runtime for Shine Studios' Saints of Virtue, a Christian-themed first-person shooter from 1999. It is not a remake, remaster, or source port. It requires the original retail game files to run.

And the features:

  • Patches older retail versions to the final official v1.3 release.
  • High-res SVGA resolution (800x600) with corrected UI.
  • Locked high-framerate (60FPS).
  • Framerate-corrected physics, weapons, traps, and entities.
  • Modern remapped controls.
  • Debug mode and extra cheats.

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